One account, global reach. Simple.


Mercury FX International facilitates international payments at great exchange rates and lower transaction costs than the major banks can. We do this while also providing our clients with a personalised service that they would be hard pushed to find elsewhere.


Mercury will save you up to 2.5% vs the banks on your transaction costs leading to significant savings for you and/or your business.


As an extra bonus, having a Mercury FX International account gives you access to your very own international multi-currency accounts in London and in Hong Kong. Theres only one form to fill in to get access these accounts, making it a hassle free process. Thereby giving you ultimate flexibility and freedom in how you move your money and make international payments.












How we save you money

Better-than-Bank exchange rates


By trading in the Interbank FX markets we have access to the best possible exchange rates. These rates are passed on to our clients, giving them more value for money than the banks could.


Save on transaction costs


We save our clients up to 2.5% vs the banks on every transaction. This can add up quickly, particulaly when making multiple or regular transactions.



'Thank you Mercury FX for a quick and easy money transfer abroad at an amazing rate. You have a very happy customer'




Other Services


Mercury International is dedicated to giving our clients the very best in experience and service possible. Along with our lower than bank transaction costs and excellent exchange rates we offer the following additional services:



Excellent Interest Rates & International Accounts


Mercury goes beyond what a retail bank would offer through excellent interest rates on deposits as well as giving our clients access to accounts outside of South Africa.


1) Any funds held on deposit with Mercury International awaiting international transfer will earn interest at Money Market rates of up to 8.0%

 2) Having a Mercury International account means that you have access to accounts in London and Hong Kong. Giving you the ultimate in flexibility




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Mercury FX is regulated by both the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Services Board (FSP No. 46875) and adhere to strict compliance, disclosure and anti-money laundering requirements. All transactions are executed in the clients name with an Authorised Dealer.


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